“…just wanted to let you know we appreciate all your hard work and Love the job
that you did for us.  Thank you so much for a pleasant experience…”


Available Online
or In Person

Design / Re-design
Perfect for anyone who wants to re-do or
freshen up the look of their home

We help you create a space that you and your family can comfortably enjoy, that is
pleasing to the eye, and that you can actually LIVE in & easily maintain.  Whether you’re planning a whole renovation, just updating a room, or something in between, the
best time to hire a professional is before the project starts, not after.  You’re investing a lot of time & money and there are a great many details that go into designing a
kitchen, bath, or bedroom.  We can help you with all of those details from selecting finishes & furnishings to measurements & spacing.  We can collaborate with your contractor or create a design for contractors to bid on.

One room Design / Re-Design / Refresh
plans start at $75

“…everything came together very well and we are happy with the results…”

Organize/Declutter Services 
Feel overwhelmed by your stuff?
Tried everything but nothing seems to work or last?
Do you spend all of your free time tidying up?
If you said yes to any of the above questions, we can help!

We listen to every client to gain insight into their habits and characteristics;
then we customize a plan to organize not only their belongings but in a
way that works for them.  In other words, a way they will be able to
function in, live in, work in & relax in. 

We don’t judge!  Opening up your private space is hard to do but,
all been there at one time or another.  We are understanding & confidential.
We can help you organize just about any space in your home from
cabinets & closets to mudrooms & garages. 

Need a new closet system? We can design and/or install one for you. 
We collaborate with the most reputable closet companies in our area.  We are
not limited to using only one brand, we can create a plan using products
from several different suppliers. Once built, we’ll even place your belongings
back into your new closet after we’ve organized them!  We use a systematic approach to edit your belongings and show you how to keep things neat long after we leave.

Professional references are provided after consultation

Room To Grow After
Client Seasonal Clothes Before 1
Pretty Clock

Household Management Services

Need help with the upkeep of your home, errands, cleaning,
shopping, and chauffeuring?  We are ready & able to give you a hand.

We offer Home Watch as well as Seasonal/Multiple home Management services. 
Whether you’re home or away we can maintain your home, greet & oversee vendor visits (HVAC, Appliance repair techs, etc.) package/uncrate, accept & inspect deliveries for you.  If you’re away, we can prep your home for your return: stock the fridge & pantry, make beds, do laundry, uncover patio furniture/stack wood & even provide fresh flowers.  After you
depart we empty the fridge, make the beds, wash the linens/ dishes,
cover beds, and clean till the next time you are home.  
We create a weekly or monthly routine & list of services specific to your needs and schedule.
As with organizing; we are discreet, trustworthy, knowledgeable & responsible. 
Professional references are provided after consultation.

“…what a wonderful job you did on our master bathroom…every week I
realize how much easier and more attractive our bathroom is now.”

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