My top pics of wallpaper from “Decorators Best” list

My top pics from the list of the “Best Selling Wallpaper”
at Decorators Best:

They have pages & pages of wallpaper designs on the list with prices ranging from just under $25.00 per single roll, to some priced at more than $400.00 per single roll and even some papers that are priced by the yard!   I’ve tried to include both a broad range of prices and designs for you here.  

Keep in mind that a little wallpaper can go a long way depending on where & how it’s placed.  For instance, wallpaper can be applied to one wall in order to create an accent or feature wall, like this;

Wallpaper can be applied to the ceiling, inside of a bookcase, or even a breakfast nook.  This “North.Hem in Midnight Blue from Ralph Lauren” would look fabulous on the ceiling of a child’s bedroom don’t you think?



Here “York Onyx Cz2402” wallpaper was placed inside
of the wainscotting trim. 

There are various styles being represented as well; traditional, abstract and global among them.  Some are whimsical & some are more traditional & some are drop dead gorgeous! And they have many more styles and patterns to choose from
on their website,  all which you can find here:
DecoratorsBest Discounted Designer Fabric and Wallpaper

For a small taste of what you’ll find,
here are my top pics from the list:

York Street Art Rk4427 Wallpaper
$26.50 Price Per Single Roll
This would look great in a loft or other urban type space!

York Designer Series Kaleidoscope Bh8398 Wallpaper
$40.50 Price Per Single Roll
No need for artwork when you have this on your wall!

Sure Strip Banana Leaf At7069 Removable Wallpaper
$29.50 Price Per Single Roll
I couldn’t decide which color combination I liked
best for this design…

Cole & Son Nautilus Dark Green Wallpaper
$131.75 Price Per 11 Yard Single Roll
What a beautiful punch of color!

And this would be perfect behind a dart board either in a
man cave or gentleman’s lounge

York Designer Series Cork Gr1095 Wallpaper
Price Per Single Roll

Last but not least, this pleated paper from
York Designer Series is just breathtaking!

York Designer Series Pleated Paper Nz0701 Wallpaper

$103.99 Price Per Yard