“couldn’t find any silk floral cabbages, so I made my own!”

I love all of the live cabbages that you see in garden centers during Fall.
Each one with it’s own combination of colors and texture…each one more interesting than the next…


Some more pink than purple…

Some all pink and purple…

 Some in creamy shades of white…

       I’d buy them all up if I could but then I’d have to plant them!  Besides I wanted a really big cabbage so of course I had to make it myself.

Honestly, I can’t believe that the manufactures haven’t thought of this sooner but I looked & looked in the local craft stores and couldn’t find any “pre-made” cabbages!  Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place ???

I thought I was going to need floral foam & wire and all sorts of other stuff to attach the leaves to the flower but it was way easier than (even) I expected.

First I bought some gorgeous hot pink Peonies and some Maple leaf stems in dark purple & burgundy and dusty sage green colors.  (Trust me the colors look much better in the finished pictures, must be the natural light).

I stripped all of the leaves off of the stems and separated them according to size and color.

  I began by adding the smaller size of the purple & burgundy leaves first, then the larger ones.
I just used a dab of hot glue on each leaf and tucked it under the last petal of the peony stem. Not using too much glue is key; you don’t want the flower / cabbage to be top heavy.


I placed the first ring of leaves around the outside of the peony (with the wrong side of the leaves facing in towards the flower petals).  Then I alternated which direction the leaves faced as I went along; some in and some out.

Finally, I added the smallest sage green leaves last to conceal any hot glue.

Easy peasy!