DIY quick & simple updates, part 4 baskets

Another simple and budget friendly DIY is to update your baskets! 

It might sound silly but it’s time consuming looking for just the right size, shape and color basket(s).  The two bamboo baskets at the top were a perfect fit it the space where I use them.  The only problem was the red & orange coloring.  The same was true for the bottom baskets; perfect size but wrong color!

It’s not easy to paint a basket unless you’re using spray paint which is exactly what I did here.  That being said, I don’t often use spray paint but there truly is no better way.  I would like to offer one tip though, buy a spray can handle like this one:

They are relatively inexpensive and available in most home centers & craft stores.  The handle will help prevent your hand from getting tired and your spray finger from going numb!

I set up some card board on the ground in the backyard to paint everything but you can also use a card board box or an inexpensive garment wardrobe if you don’t have a large area to paint.  Just be sure to paint in a well ventilated area. 

Use smooth, even strokes approximately 8-10″ inches away.  More thin layers are always better than fewer heavier layers. Try to avoid runs and drip marks by starting to spray the paint before the you reach the object and keep spraying the paint after the object, in other words: run off the page with the paint (both before and after). 

Wait for each layer to dry then move the basket around and spray it from a different angle: top to bottom, left to right, side to side; baskets are particularly tricky this way.  But, in the end you’ll have what looks like a brand new basket for much less time and money!

These are just a few quick updates you can do to decorative items you already have around your home. All it takes is a few hours (or less) and some paint & craft supplies. So take a look around, maybe you have a candle holder / pillar or a picture frame or some other accent piece that just needs a quick update or color change.