DIY quick & simple updates, part 3 candles

Third is a simple way to update a pillar candle.  

I have a lot of old pillar candles, many of which are the wrong color or just too dark for my decor tastes right now. Buying candles for every trend can get kind of expensive especially when, like me, often they don’t even get used. Sometimes I just keep them around in case the power goes out!

So instead of tossing or donating them, I decided to wrap them with scrap book paper.

It’s only for candles that don’t get used (burned)  but it’s incredibly quick and easy. I chose a bold print for one candle and a white patterned paper for the other but there are hundreds of paper designs you can choose from. Just cut the paper to the height measurement of the pillar and wrap the paper around the candle and secure it with double sided tape or scrap book tape.  The white patterned “paper” I chose to use was actually card stock and I had a little difficulty securing the card stock to the candle using tape so I decided to use hot glue?  I was hesitant at first; I didn’t want to melt the candle!  But I just applied the glue to the card stock, not the candle and it worked out fine.

You can even add ribbon, burlap, twine or whatever you want to the outside. Have fun with it!  Try using upholstery tacks and run them vertically along the paper seam or glue an old leather belt around the candle.

Here I decided to keep the tassel that originally came with the candle. And, I’m keeping the candle holder brown for now.  I haven’t decided if everything will stay that way, but I like how it looks with the scrap paper I choose.

For the white candles, I glued some decorative metal trim that I found at a local craft store.  Again, I had to use hot glue.