DIY quick & simple updates, part 1

Here are a few ideas to quickly and easily update some decor pieces you probably already have in your home.

First up is a decorative mirror that was given to me some years ago. I believe originally the mirror was gold, then someone painted it red & gold, then I painted it brown, probably 15 years ago. I am not a fan of brown these days and this piece was dusty and drab and needed to be freshened up!

It took some time before I knew how I wanted to update it but I knew I wanted to lighten it up. I’ve been wanting to perfect one of my furniture faux finishes & I decided that this mirror would be the perfect piece to practice on.

Let me just say that I’m not a huge fan of chalk paint. It’s not that I don’t like it but more often than not I tend to use traditional faux finish techniques simply because they are time tested. That being said there are paints for every purpose and I wanted this piece to have that velvety smooth finish that chalk paint is known for.

Since it was already brown, I started with white chalk paint. I wanted that “time warn layered with years of paint” look so being extremely neat really wasn’t necessary, I just made sure there were no runs!

I used a heat gun to help dry the paint and sanded between coats.   Using the heat gun helps create some cracks in the finish as well.

At first I was trying to have a tiny bit of gold show through but unfortunately the red came through too.

So, I decided to add some gray, taupe & brown colors randomly on the “peaks” of the design to cover the red and gold.

I topped it off with another coat of white, mostly in the “valleys” and gently sanded to reveal the underlying gray and brown colors.

Here it is finished! Big difference don’t you think? From dark & dated to light and fresh!

Wouldn’t this finish look fabulous on a piece of furniture, a larger mirror or even a large frame?