“…at every turn you were willing to work with us to come
up with an agreeable solution”

I believe that good Interior Design should be affordable to everyone. Whether you simply need help choosing a paint color or you want a complete makeover we can create a plan that fits both your style and your budget. With my passion for all things creative and my tendency to think outside of the box, I do things a little differently here at Posen Design. I often salvage and re-use items in my designs, I only promote products or services that I believe in, and I will never try to sell you something that you don’t need. My goal is to always provide successful design that is accessible to all. So even if you’re on a tight budget, we can customize a design that will suite your needs.

The following are some of our Design services. If you don’t see the service you want simply contact us; we’ll see if we can help and include a free estimate.

Paint Color / Wall covering Selection- 
Lets face it; there are way too many paint colors to choose from and endless wall paper books to ponder through. We can help you choose the right colors, textures and patterns to work with your space and your furnishings. We can also refer a trusted professional contractor to do the work.

Paint color selection typically costs $125.00 for one to two rooms. Wall covering selection costs $250.00 per room.

“just wanted to let you know we appreciate all your hard work and LOVE the job that you did for us.  Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience”

Style a Gallery Wall, Mantle or Buffet- Let us create a gallery of your favorite art collection, show you where art would look best in your home or design a collage of photos you want to display. We work with your existing pieces and offer suggestions of new pieces to add. We begin with a consultation where you detail the items to be displayed and the available wall / space in your home.

This service starts at $125.00 per 1 hour. Please contact us for additional details. 

Store Bought Accessories- 
We add touches to store bought pieces such as window treatments & pillows to create a “tailored” look.

This service is priced & determined per piece. Please contact us for a free inquiry.

“I always feel like I can be honest with you and that I can trust you will give me your honest opinion…many people would just tell you what they think you want to hear”

Custom Furniture painting- 
Update furniture, built-in cabinets or interior doors with a fresh paint color, new fabric or faux finish to create a statement piece.

This service is priced & determined per piece. Please contact us for a free inquiry.

Holiday /
Event Decorating- 
We can source, implement & decorate your home interior for any holiday or event. Some advance notice may be needed.

This service is priced & determined per room. Please contact us for a free inquiry.

everything came together very well and we are happy with the results”


NEW “On Line Design”

New construction, Kitchen / Bath Design- “There’s never time to do it right but always time to do it over!” The Best time to hire a professional is before starting a project or renovation, not after. Your investing a lot of time and money, why not do it right the first time. There are a great many details that go into designing a new room, kitchen or bath. We will help you with all of those details from selecting finishes & furnishings to measurements & spacing. We can collaborate with your contractor or create a design for contractors to bid on.

This service is priced & determined per room / implemented furnishings. Please contact us for a free inquiry. A formal proposal, detailing the scope and cost of work, will be provided for your approval prior to production.


“We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did on our master bathroom….every week I realize how much easier and more attractive the bathroom is now”

Complete room design-  We can start with all new furniture or merge new with some of your existing pieces. We’ll create a floor plan with all of the furnishings and accessories you want to include in your new design. We also provide 2 mood boards and a shopping list detailing your paint / wall covering, flooring, lighting, and recommended furnishings.

This service is priced & determined per design. A formal proposal, detailing the scope and cost of work, will be provided for your approval prior to production. Please contact us for a free inquiry.

“Little things here and there remind me of what a great job you did”

Update or refresh a room-  Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes! We’ll re-style one room utilizing much of your existing furniture, provide you with a 2D floor plan & some simple decorating ideas to breath new life into that area.

This package is offered at $350.00 On Line and $450.00 in Person.

Update a piece of furniture-
Do you have a piece of furniture that you know is truly outdated? One you can’t afford to replace? Or one that works except for the color? I’ve transformed many pieces of furniture from literally scary or dated into one of a kind statement pieces.   This service is only available in person.

This service is priced & determined per piece. Please contact us for a free inquiry.

“We both felt like we could trust you and were never being ripped off.  Your willingness to try to save us money when you could is appreciated also – we know we could have spent much more while we didn’t really need to”

Market prep–  Thinking of putting your house on the market? We’ve been assisting professional Realtors with just that for more than ten years and we’ve learned a few tricks a long the way! This is not Staging, we try to incorporate as many of your furnishings as possible. We provide you with low cost ways to add “curb appeal” to the rooms inside your home. We pin point any areas that need work and offer budget friendly solutions.

This service is priced at $250.00per room. We offer discounted packages for three or more rooms, please contact us for a free inquiry.

Floor plan & 3D rendering-
Can’t picture how your room will look? We provide both floor plans and elevations using your furniture so you can see how your new space will look; (we can even show you what new pieces will look like in your space before you buy). 2D Floor plans and 3D rendering is priced & determined per room and starts at $250.00 and up.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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