Curtain Embellishment

curtain embellishment

Adding trim and other embellishments to store bought window
treatments, pillows and accessories is an easy way to transform your
“mass produced” pieces into unique, one of a kind decor.

curtain embellishment

Here we machine stitched some blue & khaki striped fabric into ribbon like strips and added a fun peach
color pom-pom trim to these Waverly curtains. I love the punch of color and sense of whimsy that they add
to the already flavorful panels! These embellishments would work well on pillows too.

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curtain embellishment

Now I realize this look may not be for everyone;  not everyone wants pom poms on their window treatments & pillows
but by changing up the trim &/ or fabric selections, the possibilities are endless.

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curtain with border (2)

If you desire a more traditional look, you could add trim as a border or
frame a few inches in from the panels edge or pillows edge similar
to the curtains pictured above.

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These trims would create a tailored sophisticated look
to any solid colored curtain panel.

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Blue mettallic band trim (2)
This would pair nicely with navy, don’t you think?
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Try combining more than one trim together for instance these
two used together would create a Boho vibe.

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curtain embellishment

I’m only giving you examples of using one or more types of trim together but, if
you mixed fabrics & fringes with those trims like we did on our curtain
panels, you can really add a lot of color, texture & style.  You can
really add your own personality!

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