Exceptionally creative…

I’ve always had a passion for Design, in fact anything creative. I come by it naturally I suppose, with two very creative parents; my father an artist and photographer and my mother a writer and floral designer. Years ago I paired my education in design with my love of painting and started my own decorative painting company, Posen Design. I worked closely with clients helping them update and decorate their homes.  Later I joined forces with my husband, an independent contractor, and together we began designing and renovating homes; work that still continues today.

Those experiences enabled me to hone my skills in design and strengthen my love of interiors and architecture. I admire many different design styles but love Classic, Transitional, Modern Farmhouse & French Country the most; sometimes even adding a Contemporary piece into the mix. I like to pair opposites together; a tattered book next to a polished vase; and I would choose to restore something old than replace with something new. I love a Chesterfield sofa, weathered stone walls, and anything with a patina. I treasure the character & warmth of an old home and embrace the smell of a burning fire.

I tend to think outside the box, sometimes to a fault. I was born a “D.I.Y.-er” (even before it was a thing)!  I may not follow the rules all of the time but I take pride in listening to you, the client. I enjoy helping you develop & infuse your own style & aesthetics into a design, whether it be salvaging a cherished piece of furniture or renovating and entire room. After all, successful design should be an extension of your personality, your characteristics & your lifestyle… not mine.

When I’m not designing, you’ll likely find me painting, sewing or blogging about my latest project.  I enjoy good wine & fine friends and I love when the seasons begin to change.