5 best “back to campus” buys

It’s almost that time again!  Although this year back to school, college
 dorm / apartment life will seem quite different from years past, there are still
some basic necessities you will probably want to have on hand.

#1 Batteries

You’re certainly going to need an assortment of batteries.  It’s a good
idea to make a list of all the sizes you know you will need but it’s also a
good idea to stock up on some of the other common sizes too;
AAA, AA, C, D & 9 volt.  You never know what size battery
you may need.  For instance smoke detectors and carbon monoxide
alarms often take 9 volt batteries where as battery operated lights,
remotes & video game controllers often take AA or AAA batteries.

Coming soon…
Landscape Lighting

#2 Flash Light

You never know when the power is gonna go out—or when you might need
a flash light!  It comes in handy when digging in a drawer, trying to
find something in the back of a dark closet or looking for “monsters”
under the bed (just seeing if you were paying attention :).  You can never
have too many flash lights as far as I’m concerned.  I put them all over
the place; in the kitchen, bathroom, car, basement…

Finding your dog or cat
has never been easier

#3 Tool Kit

If you haven’t already started purchasing some basic tools, now is the time to do so!  A basic set of tools like at flat head &/or Phillips head screwdriver, utility knife, hammer, small set of pliers, scissors and a tape measure will get you started.  You can always add more pieces as you go; a set of multi-bit screwdrivers, a small level or maybe an adjustable wrench?  The point is that a “basic” tool set is invaluable.

#4 Sliders

Well that’s what I call them.  They’re actually called furniture sliders or movers.  They make them for hardwood &/or carpeted surfaces.  They not only protect the flooring surface under your furniture but they make moving the furniture so much easier!  Instead of lifting the furniture, the “sliders” make it possible to slide the furniture across the floor.  We keep a selection of various sizes for both hardwood and carpeted surfaces in our truck all the time.
Temple Universtiy

#5 Adhesive Strips

These handy dandy strips come in an assortment of sizes & shapes and can be used for any number of different uses; pictures, mirrors, hooks and much more.  Plus, they can be removed easily with out damaging your walls! 
Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions.
Temple University

 All campus photos were taken at
Temple University – Main Campus Philadelphia, PA.

There you have it; my 5 best “back to campus” buys.   

Here are a few ideas that didn’t make the list but still come in handy:  
1. Colored key covers – so you know which key goes to which lock.
2. Bed risers – that way the space under the bed can be used for storage.
3. Storage with wheels – any box, bin or cart with wheels is an improvement over one with out.
4. Fold up storage containers – that way you can fold it up and put it away when not in use.

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